The Heroic Enthusiasts Put Their Own Spin on Pet Shop Boys’ ‘It’s A Sin’

Inviting the original production of Stephen Hague...

The Heroic Enthusiasts are back with a brand new single ‘It’s A Sin’.

The track breathes a new life into its original, a challenging yet innovative rendition of Pet Shop Boys’ popular anthem.

The duo reflect on the band’s synth-pop aesthetics whilst leaving their own, creative mark, layering deep vocals over an acoustic production. Continuing the track’s structure, the pair weave between stark verses and a big, pacing hook, concluding as something that feels dynamic and momentous.

Made up of James Tabbi and Thomas Ferrara, The Heroic Enthusiasts made their entrance in 2016 with their EP ‘Memory Wheel’, a stage-ready collection of tracks. Since then, the duo have continued to experiment with their craft. ‘It’s A Sin’ has already proven its own success, produced by the track’s original collaborator Stephen Hague. Sprinkling his own finishing touches, Hague and The Heroic Enthusiasts have built an admirable creative relationship. Producing both of last year’s EPs, all three merge with a sound that feels equally nostalgic yet future-facing. 

Setting pace for the months ahead, ‘It’s A Sin’ certainly marks a new chapter for The Heroic Enthusiasts…

Hague comments: “My first encounter with The Heroic Enthusiasts’ version of ‘It’s A Sin’ was while scanning through some demos they’d sent, not paying much attention to the titles, just listening. When the track started I thought it was interesting but then as the first chorus hit I thought, ‘wait a minute!’ Up to that point I didn’t realize what song it was, the mark of a good cover!”

Tune in now.

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