Check out blistering new song 'E The Real Punk Rocker'...

The Gluts will release new album 'Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip' on April 12th.

The new record from the Italian band was partly inspired by bass player Claudia Cesana’s experiences with tropical diseases.

Returning from a trip to Africa feeling desperately ill, these feelings of sickness and claustrophobia linger on the new album.

'Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip' arrives on April 12th via Fuzz Club, and it's led by blistering noise rock cut 'E The Real Punk Rocker'.

The band explain:

“Our rehearsal room is outside the city, you can just find fields, prostitutes and frogs. One night we tried to make a trip of licking one of the frogs and that’s basically what gave us the idea for this. We thought about what it would be like to wake up in a body which is not your own, thanks to the ‘magic frog effect’.”

“We liked the idea of making it in a funny way so it was natural that the four of us had to be the leading actors in the video.”

Tune in now.

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