The Flaming Lips Release New Track

As twelve separate YouTube clips

The Flaming Lips have released a new track as twelve separate clips on YouTube.

The Flaming Lips don’t do things by halves. Deciding to make a film, the band built an enormous set in their back garden and proceeded to complete the mind melting document that was ‘Christmas On Mars’.

Now the band have decided to embrace new technology. Echoing their four disc ‘Zaireeka’ set Flaming Lips are set to release a new track on YouTube, which will be split into twelve separate parts.

The track will link together when all twelve parts are played simultaneously. The Flaming Lips have named the song ‘Two Blobs Fucking’ and the brand new track will only come together if all clips are played.

So: to hear the new Flaming Lips track simply gather a dozen laptops and hit ‘play’. Or you could just grab eleven friends with iPhones and stream the track together.

It’s up to you.

A press release from the band states: “The more devices, the more harmonic possibilities can be constructed. You and your device, at one with the music, become the orchestra, just as the Gods of Technology naturally intended it to be.”

Meanwhile, The Flaming Lips are preparing for a waltz down memory lane. The band are set to release a five album box set on Record Store Day, while a number of ‘Soft Bulletin’ shows have been arranged.

Performing the 1999 album in its entirety, The Flaming Lips are due to play the following UK show:

1 London Alexandra Palace

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