The Family Rain, Dylan Cartlidge Combine On ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Mean’

"Your kind heart can take you a certain distance..."

The Family Rain and Dylan Cartlidge align on new single ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Mean’.

The brotherly trio – Will, Tim and Ollie Walters – are back, with new EP ‘Machete Western’ set to land on September 29th. New single ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Mean’ features the wonderful Dylan Cartlidge, and it’s a collaboration that has been incoming for some time.

Dylan Cartlidge saw The Family Rain live a while back, and was immediately enraptured – he even bought a t-shirt from the merch stall. When the offer came through to collaborate, he couldn’t say ‘yes’ quick enough.

Out now, ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Mean’ is a song of innocence, one of navigating through an often harsh world. “For me it’s a song about becoming hard in a world which is full of plot holes and snake pits,” Will explains. “Your kind heart can take you a certain distance but over the years it’s been important to create a shell to survive and preserve what is left of our dwindling sanity, although the industry continues to change for the better it’s still a part of the game at this point in time.”

“We met Dylan Cartlidge through the producers of this record, Bad Sounds, and we immediately hit it off, Dylan has the same bullet headed drive and passion for what he does that we do and also makes damn fine music in his own right”.

Out now, you can tap in below.

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