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It's perhaps the darkest best-seller of the 80s.

Thrust into the public gaze, The Cure revolted against their status as arena fillers. Amid a plethora of hallucinogens, Robert Smith steered the band into the left field - and delivered 'Disintegration'.

Ironically the band's most popular album, 'Disintegration' is a lengthy, sprawling work. Released in 1989 as Acid House reigned and baggy waited in the wings, it's mixture of hopeless romanticism, self-doubt and challenging production remains inspiring.

Returning once more, Classic Album Sundays is set to hold a special 'Disintegration' themed event at London venue the Hanbury Arms on June 8th.

Played in its entirety, there will be a break between Sides B and C as the audience attempt to absorb what they've just heard.

Full details HERE.

Clash has a pair of tickets to give away - fancy getting involved? Just tweet #curedisintegration to Clash on Twitter.

Here's 'Lovesong'.


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