It's called Anywhere Records...

The Crookes have always been a deeply independent proposition, but now the Sheffield band are set to take this one stage further.

The group will launch their own record label, with Anywhere Records set to match a DIY ethos with global distribution. “Setting up a label is an incredibly exciting step for us as a band,” says guitarist, Tom Dakin. “We’ve always believed in taking a DIY approach to the music industry and the creation of Anywhere Records gives us a chance to put our stamp on something completely new; something we’ll have total control of.”

Anywhere Records is set to house new material from The Crookes, but the band will also be unveiling a series of fresh signing. Tom continues: “We’re all music lovers at heart and the idea of having a label where we can champion our own style is great.”

Stay in touch with Anywhere Records at their official website.

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