In order to found an orphanage...
The Crimea

The Crimea have decided to part company, with lead singer Davey Macmanus set to open an orphanage.

Another time, another place...

The Crimea were unlikely pioneers. Peel favourites, the band built up their profile with crisp, assured songwriting and a stage show which contained more than a little bombast.

Embracing the digital revolution, The Crimea released their 2007 album 'Secrets Of The Witching Hour' as a free download. More than 100,000 copies were devoured by fans, marking a real line in the sand for the industry.

Since then, the band have taken on other projects. Lead singer Davey Macmanus has become a nurse, and as his commitments increase the frontman feels that the time is right to call time on the group.

"It was the right time" said Macmanus. "I've been spending time as a nurse, in Diepsloot, South Africa over the past few years, where I'm starting a children's orphanage. Now that the album's found a home with the guys at Alcopop and Lazy Acre, it seemed right to go out on something we're incredibly proud of and close the book on an amazing few chapters of our lives".

To give their career the end it deserves, The Crimea have booked one final show. Taking place at the Jazz Cafe in Camden on July 30th, the show follows one day after the release of the band's final album 'Square Moon'.

Tickets are on sale now.


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