The Cribs Ready ‘Payola’ Singles Collection

Due for release in February

The Cribs are set to release their new singles collection 'Payola' in February 2013.

The Cribs are, at heart, a singles band. Not in the pop sense, though – more the lineage of great DIY punk bands, who would scrape together enough pennies to make a limited run of seven inches and then flog them at shows. Each single seems to be a cherished, thought through document of where the band's head is at – a stopping off point for a group continually in motion.

The Cribs are now preparing to collect each of their 45s on a new compilation, throwing in some rare and difficult to trace cuts for good measure. 'Payola' will be released in February, with Wichita again providing the band with a roof over their heads.

A concise 22-track document, amongst the pleasures on show is unreleased song ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’ – the final track to be recorded with Johnny Marr. A deluxe edition contains an 18 track bonus disc, featuring B-sides and rarities. Titled the 'Anthology Edition' it contains all of the band's singles – bar their now rather elusive split 7” single on Leeds punk label Squirrel.

The Cribs are set to release 'Payola' on February 25th. Tracklisting:

01. ‘Another Number’
02. ‘Come On, Be A No-One’
03. ‘I’m A Realist’
04. ‘Hey Scenesters’
05. ‘We Share The Same Skies’
06. ‘You Were Always The One’
07. ‘Anna’
08. ‘Cheat On Me’
09. ‘Back to The Bolthole’
10. ‘We Were Aborted’
11. ‘Our Bovine Public’
12. ‘I’ve Tried Everything’
13. ‘Direction’
14. ‘Glitters Like Gold’
15. ‘Be Safe’
16. ‘Mirror Kisses’
17. Men’s Needs’
18. ‘We Can No Longer Cheat’
19. ‘Chi-Town’
20. ‘The Wrong Way To Be’
21. ‘City Of Bugs’
22. ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’
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