September release expected

The Cribs have revealed in a new interview that they are close to finishing their fourth album.

Hailing from the small Yorkshire town of Wakefield, The Cribs have become a word of mouth success. Signed to Wichita Records, the band have kept true to their indie roots by building up a close knit and devoted fan base.

The band released their previous album 'Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever' in 2007, which featured contributions from Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo amongst others. Celebrated by critics, The Cribs recruited one of all their all time heroes to work on new material.

Johnny Marr is best known for his work with The Smiths, where his chiming guitars set the template for an indie axe hero. Shying away from the masculinity of blues rock Marr created a new language for the guitar, based on The Byrds, Motown and hefty dose of folk picking.

Also working with American dons Modest Mouse, Johnny Marr is now a fully paid up member of The Cribs. A recent UK tour saw the Manchester legend tour with the band, playing a number of new songs for fans.

The Cribs have been working on Los Angeles with celebrated producer Nick Launay on new material. Speaking to NME Gary Jarman confirmed that "we were in LA quite a long time."

"We recorded our first album in a week, but we spent the best part of three months doing this album."

"We recorded everything live and we'd finish working around 1:00 or 2:00am when all the bars in LA were closed, so there was no reason to go out. It was sort of like a social experiment," he said.

Track titles unveiled on last year's UK tour include 'Last Year's Snow', 'Cheat On Me', 'Serve Your Secrets', 'Stick To Your Guns' 'Ignore The Ignorant' and 'We Were Aborted'.

With the mixing process set to begin shortly, Jarman admitted that the album could be delayed - as he doesn't know which order to put the tracks in. "I have so many napkins from bars with different tracklistings on them," he laughed.

The Cribs have not decided on the title of the new album. "We have different opinions," he said. "This record's gonna follow us around for the rest of our lives so we're labouring over the title."

The Cribs are due to release their fourth album in September.

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