The Coral
Psychedelic folk that treads its own path...

Way back when, The Coral used to release new material at an imposing rate.

No doubt causing a headache for label reps, the band would follow a new album with an EP, then unveil a stand-alone single a few days later... just because they could.

This freewheeling spirit seems to be running through the Wirral group once more, with The Coral releasing new album 'Distance Inbetween' earlier this year.

A wonderfully natural return, the record is now due to be followed by new EP 'Holy Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues', which arrives on December 9th.

Matching freshly curated remixes against some brand new material, it harks back to The Coral's golden run while also providing paths for the future.

Clash is able to unveil new cut 'Unforgiven', and it's a poignant piece of psychedelic folk that places James Skelly's vocal front and centre.

Yet it's definitely not a solo piece - the way each instrument interweaves throughout the song underlines The Coral as a band entity, as something unified and whole.

A great way to end a superb year for The Coral, you can check out 'Unforgiven' below.

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