It's an extraordinary piece of songwriting...
Nick Power

The Coral's Nick Power is used to travelling.

After all, the guitarist has spent 15 years in one of the country's hardest working bands, a group whose travels have taken them across the land and beyond.

So perhaps travel is simply in his blood. After all, it would certainly explain his latest solo endeavour, recorded all alone in a caravan in North Wales.

Becoming entranced by the culture that exists around caravan holidays, Nick Power started sketching out a host of acoustic ideas, stark, languid folk-hewn numbers that exist in their own transitory world.

New album 'Caravan' drops on October 27th, limited to only 100 CDs - alongside this, he has prepared a short book of short stories, monologues and poems.

“Caravan is a book about caravan parks across Britain. I’m drawn to these purpose-built holding-pens for suburbanites and city families who spirit themselves away to the coast or nondescript fields next to A-roads. The accompanying music was recorded in the middle of that familiar wilderness.”

Power continues: “The caravan sites I visited as a kid were as magical and ridiculous as the Christmas grotto, or pantomime sets. I remember stroking a fox in the clubhouse once. A man had it in his arms on the dance floor. ‘Caravan’ takes in elements of my life, while exploring the lives of a number of different characters, using poems, monologues and short stories.”

Clash is able to premiere the title cut, a Dylan-esque journey in a magical realm, a glimpse of another British packed with gypsy rogues, vanished valleys, and more.

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