The Clik Clik Split

Band Call It A Day

Teenage grime pop Londonders The Clik Clik have saddened fans with the news that they have announced they are to split.

After beginning as just two grime kids with a pop nous, The Clik Clik swiftly expanded to a quartet and gathered praise for their assured taken on an underground sound. Never the most credible of bands, nonetheless their blend of pop melody and grime beats won admirers, on both sides of grime / pop divide with tracks such as ‘Did You Wrong’.

The Clik Clik posted the following Myspace blog:

“Hey guys,

After much fun and laughter has been had with The Clik Clik we’ve decided to call it a day. We’ve all had a great time but just feel that it’s time to try something different. You’ve all been amazing fans to us and we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride because we certainly have!

We’ll be in contact with you all soon about what our future plans are but until then, thank you very much!

Stefan, Maya, Henry & Dru – The Clik Clik x”

The Clik Clik are no more.

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