The Clash Artwork To Be Auctioned

'London Calling' memorabilia to be sold

Legendary punk group The Clash are to auction off artwork from their seminal album ‘London Calling’.

The Clash were never really like other punk acts. Almost from the off they were too aware of their heritage, dropping in references to rockabilly, soul, reggae and more into their frenetic shows.

As the band worked on new material these influences began to seep through, with The Clash taking chances that no other act of their generation would dream of doing.

Perhaps the group’s most creative work is 1979’s ‘London Calling’. Moving effortlessly from roots reggae to lounge bar jazz, the album found The Clash eager to experiment without losing sight of the core ingredients that made them who they were.

Coming after the bluster of their debut album yet before the sprawling work that is ‘Sandanista!’ the album was immediately hailed as a classic. The Clash were hailed for their songwriting, with the record’s sleeve becoming a hugely inspirational design.

With its iconic shot of bass player Paul Simonon smashing his bass, the album artwork was completed by lettering that referenced the first Elvis Presley album.

Placing themselves in a lineage with The King was at once the least punk thing they could do – and the most rebellious.

Now sketches, drawings and designs for the cover of the 1979 album are to be sold at auction. Expected to raise £70,000, the lot will be sold at Bonhams in London on December 16th, just as ‘London Calling’ celebrates its 30th anniversary,

The material is available to view in Bonhams’ Knightsbridge saleroom from December 13th.

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