Tess Posner Addresses Her Younger Self On ‘Feral Child’

A powerful offering from the San Francisco singer-songwriter...

Tess Posner has shared her latest track ‘Feral Child’.

The record sees Posner at her most introspective, an honest moment that speaks to the artist’s younger self. Leading with its stark keys and airy synths, the singer-songwriter pieces together a haunting yet magnetic opening. However, as the track progresses, the production grows cinematic and momentous, concluding with a sense of empowerment shared between the vocalist and listener.

Hailing from San Francisco, Posner’s music has travelled long and far, amassing over 3.1 million streams. Making her debut in 2018, the singer set out to focus on more challenging, internalised sentiments, bringing them out into the open through her music.

Today, the artist gears up towards her forthcoming EP, set to release this year. The project extends her relationship with multi-platinum, critically acclaimed producer Rob Wells, seeing the two merge to create something universal and connecting.

‘Feral Child’ offers a glimpse into the pair’s collaborative work, contrasting a smoky, elevating production with themes of pain, grief and overcoming. It’s a powerful highlight in Posner’s journey thus far, as she carefully plans her steps ahead.

Speaking on the track, Posner details: “​​I wrote ‘Feral Child’ as a healing confession to my inner child, so that others can remember that beautiful connection inside themselves.”

Tune in now.

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