Melbourne post-punk wags return...

There's this strain of thought that holds post-punk as a dry, cerebral form of music.

Sure, much of - both in its original incarnation and now - suits that definition, but much of it was playful, humorous, wry, even gleeful.

Take Melbourne post-punk wags TERRY. The band's shambling pop-edged indie is definitely a post-punk fellow traveller, but it's in the vein of Slits or The Raincoats, say, or even Wire's more playful side.

The band's incoming EP 'Who's terry?' drops on July 19th, and it opens with the unforgettable line: “What to do with a spud like you?”

Funny and thought-provoking in equal measure, each song feels like a mini-manifesto, this funny, charming, endearing series of guitar scrawls.

'Bizzo And Tophat' is a kind of off piste character study, one that shambles to its bittersweet refrain: “Holding on and going forth...”

A fine, enriching return, it reminds us of The Clean or even The Go-Betweens more blunt moments, looked at a from a fresh 2k19 vantage point.

Tune in now.

'Bizzo & Tophat', taken from their new EP 'Who's terry?'out July 19th on Upset The Rhythm.

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