tendai Reflects On Love Lost With ‘Scorpios Kiss’

His new project 'the rain' is incoming...

London hyphenate tendai has shared beautiful new song ‘Scorpios Kiss’.

Out now, the single comes ahead of his forthcoming project ‘the rain’, a pan-genre exploration built at his warehouse studio. Located in a remote environ of London, it allows him seclusion to conjure unique atmospheres, pouring out his feelings in the process.

Known as the Raido Room, this was the site of new song ‘Scorpios Kiss’. A fractured take on the love song, this looks at relationships which have passed, and opportunities which have faded.

A radiant experience, ‘Scorpios Kiss’ is part of a real journey, with tendai incorporating music and creativity into his requirements for self-growth. He says…

i wanted to go to the warehouse because i wanted how the music was feeling to me to be reflected in the space it was being created. the industrial sounds. the sparse production, the space in the writing and in the vocal delivery. everything about the music to me was screaming SPACE – so when the time came to find somewhere to finish it, the warehouse just made sense .

this project is generally about my first heartbreak and how i was effected by a love lost . 

the rain is the beginning of my journey into self ; searching inward for musical references and inspirations that i have always had but ignored . this project is the start of my journey home.

Tune in now.

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