Temples’ Side Hustle Foxette Moxy Is Worth Investigating

Check out this new double-single...

Temples’ Adam Smith goes it alone on new project Foxette Roxy.

The musician is a key member of the UK psych crew, but recent found himself drawn to ideas that didn’t quite fit the group’s vision. So, he began adapting them, extending these ideas into fully fledged songs, uncovering a solo identity in the process.

Foxette Moxy is his way of moving forwards, and it all starts with a new double-single. ‘Medicine’ is a pop-edged slice of oddball psychedelia, with a neat question-and-answer lyric about a doctor and their patient.

Alongside this, ‘What’s You, Papa?’ finds Adam Smith playing with his lyric sheet, blending Italo Calvino, say, with Syd Barrett.

Recorded on his own in a dozen different locations – including a haunted cottage in Rutland – there’s also a fun video for ‘Medicine’ online, too.

He explains…

’Medicine’ is a song that follows a conversation between a doctor and their patient. As a bit of a hypochondriac myself it seemed like a good subject to write about. It’s a soupy number with a silly guitar solo and is as much a soft poke at the pharmaceutical industry as it is a love song.

‘What’s Youth, Papa?’ was one of many experiments in using literary techniques as an approach to songwriting. The song takes its source material from Italo Calvino’s ‘Italian Folktales.’ It turned out sounding quite Syd Barrett-like, for better or worse.

Tune in now.

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