Tei Shi Pulls ‘La Linda’ From Streaming Due To Downtown Records Dispute

She is in dispute with the label...

Tei Shi has removed her album 'La Linda' from streaming services due to a dispute with Downtown Records.

The album was released in 2019, a work of subtle evolution that unpicked the promise of her debut while adding fresh ideas.

Released through Downtown Records, Tei Shi is now in dispute with the label, who she alleges have not paid her the second half of her advance.

According to a statement posted online, Tei Shi has been in communication with Downtown Records for two years, yet remains unsuccessful in securing payment.

Deciding to pull the album from streaming, she writes: "I want people to understand the bleak reality that as an artist in this situation, this was literally the only leverage I had…"

She adds: "It sucks… I never wanted to get to this point. I just want to be paid what I am owed and move on with my life."

The full post can be found below, with Tei Shi writing: "Unfortunately being exploited, undervalued, ignored, taken advantage of and overall fucked with as an artist is just the name of the game in this industry. I have a lot more to say on this, the above is just one example (!) but it’s what I’m dealing with at the moment."

Downtown Records have yet to comment.

Tei Shi's statement can be found below.

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