Taylor Swift Shares Music With Ice Spice, Lana Del Rey

A fresh version of 'Midnights' is out now...

Taylor Swift has shared new music with Ice Spice and Lana Del Rey.

The songwriting icon is currently on her Eras tour, with reviews from North America proving to be rapturous. Her album ‘Midnights’ is still proving to have hidden depths, with a new edition hitting streaming overnight.

So, here’s what to expect. Taylor Swift has shared a fresh take on ‘Karma’, a new remix that utilises the skills of explosive American talent Ice Spice.

Elsewhere, there’s another gargantuan guest spot. ‘Snow On The Beach’ was a sublime moment on the original ‘Midnights’, and featured contributions from Lana Del Rey. A long awaited link-up between two extraordinary voices, some fans were left disappointed by the backseat role Lana played on the finished product.

Hearing this, Taylor has overseen another mix of the song, which lifts Lana’s voice into the foreground – the actual song, though, remains a frosted, unsettling delight.

Check out ‘Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)’ below.

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