Tay Iwar Links With Twelve XII On ‘Undercover Lover’

Tune in now...

Tay Iwar soars on new single ‘Undercover Lover’.

The Nigerian star simply does not miss, merging Afrobeats with neo-soul to craft something immersive. With that wonderful voice and unique sense of poise, Tay is building something singular, something that stands on its own.

‘Undercover Lover’ is his latest statement, and it finds Tay Iwar leading from the front. A summer sizzler that pushes apart grey clouds, it revels in connection, with Twelve XII adding some additional spice to the recipe.

Out now, ‘Undercover Lover’ consolidates Tay Iwar as a vital voice within the global soul community, as well as adding something distinctive to the reputation of Nigerian arts.

He comments…

“I wanted to create a song that captures the feeling of needing someone who’s always there for you, even if it’s just for a moment. ‘Undercover Lover’ is about finding comfort and pleasure in the arms of someone who understands you, even if it’s just temporary. The lyrics and melody capture the mood perfectly, and I hope it resonates with my fans…”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Aaron Paul Walker

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