Tara Lily’s ‘You Can Go’ Is An Absorbing Fusion Of Influences

Her new EP is out on September 30th...

South London artist Tara Lily has shared new single ‘You Can Go’.

The songwriter’s incoming EP ‘Last Flight Out’ illustrates her breadth, with Tara’s soulful vocals blending a whole tapestry of sounds.

Rooted in jazz, she leans on club flavours during the EP, while exploring different aspects of her British-Bengali heritage. As she puts it: “I guess for me this project was about pushing the boundaries of jazz. So, you have a DnB track with trumpet, an Afro-Asian dance fusion, and some Indo-Jazz. They’re all about exploring the limits of the genre and stretching it into different spaces.”

“Fundamentally, jazz is at the root of everything that I do – I’ve explored working with other sounds and genres as I’ve gone along. Whether it’s being influenced by life, relationships, people, or culture – I’m always exploring pushing jazz in the realms of modern music and making it relative to who I am and how I live my life today.”

The new EP is out on September 30th, with one final preview landing online. ‘You Can Go’ is tinged in the forward-rush of house music, while also illuminated by R&B textures and sitar elements.

An intriguing conversation between East and West, it’s all held together by Tara’s questing spirit – tune in now.

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