Talia Goddess Dazzles With ‘DOWN 2 EARTH’

Her latest EP...

Talia Goddess has shared her dazzling new EP ‘DOWN 2 EARTH’.

The Brooklyn-born artist is steeped in club culture, emerging future-facing pop with system tropes, and aspects of her own Black Caribbean roots. Relocating to London, she’s immersed herself in the city’s nightlife, allowing this to broaden and deepen her own music in the process.

Profiled in the current issue of Clash, Talia Goddess works at a frenetic pace. ‘DOWN 2 EARTH’ is part of her ongoing evolution, presenting pathways that cross over different points in her life.

‘RAGGA’ is a direct homage to the sounds of the Caribbean, but given an idiosyncratic twist. ‘YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS’ is all scorched sonics and damaged digitalism, while the assertive ‘ONE TIME’ nods towards the hip-hop of her youth.

Closing with the loose, ragged ‘EVERYBODY LOVES A WINNER’, Talia Goddess – real name Tayahna Walcott – uses the EP as a space to re-frame her thoughts.

She comments…

“In life, I am a chameleon, and I think my music expresses that well. The world is slowly catching up to more of the music within the black diaspora, and as I sit on many intersections of it, I hope to bridge the gap between the sonic waves in America, the Caribbean, the U.K., and beyond. My production choices are bold and unapologetic, and it covers a lot of ground while still being cohesive and in the same world. I’m excited to continue exploring my musical palette and pushing the palettes of music lovers in the future.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: @mohali.mascal 

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