Symbol Soup Shares Beautiful Debut Album ‘Slow Puncture’

Shades of Elliott Smith...

Symbol Soup has shared debut album ‘Slow Puncture’ in full.

The songwriter hails from Milton Keynes, and spent his adolescence absorbing American pop culture – TV shows, music… you name it.

Building a lens to view the world through, Symbol Soup emerged from this myriad of influences. Sharing a flurry of sketches, ideas, and fully fledged songs, the musician teams with cult London based label Sad Club Records for this new full length project.

Out now, ‘Slow Puncture’ is a beautifully rounded album, reminiscent of Elliott Smith at times in its personal revelation. An absorbing song cycle, lead track ‘Dark Horse’ has received the full video treatment, and it’s a neat point of entrance.

“As a basically quiet person, I’ve been called a ‘dark horse’ many times and it’s a really confusing compliment” the songwriter explains. “It’s typically well intentioned, but for me creates this feeling of otherness and of being misunderstood.”

He adds: “It also has a lot to do with being a ‘musician.’ When I wrote it I was working in a small music venue and playing in 5ish bands, so I was overexposed to the live circuit! The underground music community is a funny phenomenon – a lot of talented people working part-time low-wage jobs, and the prevailing narrative is that someone in the industry will eventually take a gamble on them and they’ll win big! If that hasn’t happened yet, you’re relying on a lot of people around you to suspend disbelief. I thought the horse races were a good metaphor for this situation.”

Tune in now.

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