Symbol Soup Makes His Debut With ‘Overdressed’

And the video is hilarious...

London based songwriter Symbol Soup has shared new single ‘Overdressed’.

A new signing to Sad Club Records, Symbol Soup grew up in Milton Keynes, and always felt a little removed from standard music scenes. Perhaps that’s what drew him to the sounds of the Pacific North West, an area similarly dotted by DIY outliers.

Safely snapped up by Sad Club, his debut single ‘Overdressed’ is a neat introduction, its playful poignancy wrapped around some neat, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

An ironic take on the outsider, it looked to people who take themselves a little too seriously – offering some empathy, but also some words of wisdom. He comments…

“It’s a love song from the perspective of someone who’s overly cynical, and judges everyone around them as superficial or ‘Overdressed’. They have a bit of an ‘us against the world’ mentality and feel trapped in a maze of surface-level interactions. They don’t learn a whole lot by the end of the song, but they are fully connected to one person, and that’s the connection to something deeper that they’re desperate for.”

Kirsty Wells of Kondor Films directs the video, which taps into Symbol Soup’s love of Americana – it’s an off piste take on that Stateside staple, the hot dog eating competition.

“Conceptually it doesn’t have much to do with the song other that the ‘I want more’ lyric at the start. We used the cheapest vegan hotdogs we could find, which were pretty inedible,” the songwriter explains. “To be on the safe side I bought 160 hot dogs, which was far too many, so for a couple of months after we were trying to use them up in whatever pasta sauce or curry we could force them into. Kirsty and Bea (Beatriz Fernandes, assistant director) did a great job of directing and my friend Rob gives an inspired performance as the hot dog.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Sirus Gahan

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