Krautrock, Beatles influences named

British indie rock mainstays Supergrass are set to experiment on their forthcoming album.

Slandered as jaunty Britpop knockabouts, Supergrass have always been keen to expand their songwriting. Taking their inspiration from classic 60s pop, hard rock, Syd Barrett and much more the band's back catalogue is littered with under-rated gems.

Turning all blues rock on the Diamond Hoo Ha Men project, Supergrass recently returned with another pseudonym. The Hot Rats were filled with familiar faces tackling some lauded slices of songwriting.

Acts such as Gang Of Four, The Velvet Underground, David Bowie and more were given an amusing overhaul. ClashMusic streamed the album first - watch out for more exclusives soon!

Now Supergrass are set to return with new material. Speaking to the NME singer Gaz Coombes claimed that the band were in the mood for experimentation.

"We're using bits of drones through the tracks," he claimed. The singer added that tracks such as The Beatles' eastern inspired masterpiece 'Tomorrow Never Knows' was being played in the studio.

"This record's actually been very collaborative," Coombes continued. "It's been cool to try something different and chaotic."

Currently the album has the working title of 'Release The Drones' with some tracks featuring Supergrass swapping instruments. The new material will be released on the band's new home of Cooking Vinyl, after Supergrass departed from Parlophone in 2008.

The Hot Rats debut album 'Turn Ons' is out now.