Summer Camp Outline Album Plans

'Welcome To Condale' due on October 31st

Summer Camp are set to release their debut album ‘Welcome To Condale’ on October 31st.

Misfits and loners. Guilty pleasures and John Hughes movies. Jeremy and Elizabeth. Summer Camp have left a lasting impression with just a handful of songs spread across a single, an EP and some downloads.

Confirming plans for a full length album earlier this year, Summer Camp decided to get fans involved via PledgeMusic. Announcing all manner of special treats – home made brownies, movie nights – the pair are now close to releasing the album.

Ably assisted by Moshi Moshi, Summer Camp are set to release ‘Welcome To Condale’ through their own Apricot Recording Company on October 31st.

Indebted to the 80s, the band have decided to focus on the real 80s, the decade which exists outside of shoulder pads, extravagant make up and La Roux. Recorded with Steve MacKey, ‘Welcome To Condale’ appeals to the awkward adolescent in us all.

Speaking to ClashMusic earlier this year, Elizabeth Sankey explained why she is drawn to those feelings. “Personally, I have always been into the idea of how important everything feels when you are a teenager, that you build your personality when you are that age and the things that are important then will always have a special place in your life; it’s such an amazing time for everyone, it’s universal. I love that.”

“Looking back to my own teenage years it seems that there’s a link which runs through every decade when they are a teenager. I do think the 80s did it really well. The real 80s though – like frizzy hair and blue eyeliner and short shorts. Not like retro 80s – luminous green legwarmers. It’s just not real.”

Read the full interview HERE.

Confirming the full tracklisting for their album, Summer Camp have also unveiled plans for a new single. Taken from their forthcoming full length, ‘Better Off Without You’ is a bittersweet tale of rejection which is set to drop on September 12th.

Summer Camp are set to release ‘Welcome To Condale’ on October 31st. Tracklisting:

1. Better Off Without You
2. Brian Krakow
3. I Want You
4. Losing My Mind
5. Summer Camp
6. Nobody Knows You
7. Down
8. Welcome to Condale
9. Done Forever
10. Last American Virgin
11. Ghost Train
12. 1988

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