...and a special one off show
Summer Camp

Summer Camp like to keep busy. Hell, one look at the band's social network feeds can confirm that.

Elizabeth Sankey delights fans with a series of cute recipes, while Jeremy Warmsley offers a series of insights into life within the band.

The music, though, is what counts. With their self-titled second album out now, Summer Camp are set to follow this with new single 'Crazy'.

Blissful, pop-tastic melodies with a late 80s twist, it's the sound of giving yourself up entirely to love. Out on March 31st, you can listen to the single below:

Elsewhere, Summer Camp are set to play a special one-off Club Attitude show at London’s Islington Assembly Hall on March 26th. For those not in the know, Club Attitude is run by Attitude is Everything to showcase the talents of disabled and non-disabled musicians and DJs, and to promote fully accessible events.


26 London Islington Assembly Hall

Finally, Summer Camp have also found the time to complete a film score. 'Beyond Clueless' is an exploration of the teen movie - a topic which helped to inspire the duo's debut album, remember - and was directed by Charlie Lyne. Featuring clips from over 200 coming of age flicks, 'Beyond Clueless' is set to debut at SXSW this March.

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