Previews keep coming...
Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is continuing to tease the release of his forthcoming festive box set 'Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Volumes 6-10'.

Christmas is mere weeks away. Already towns and cities across the country are unveiling their festive decorations, while high street shops have been surreptitiously placing baubles in their windows to ease us into the December rush.

Sufjan Stevens, too, is planning something special. The American songwriter recently outlined details of a new box set, with 'Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Volumes 6-10' set to gather a number of limited edition EPs and unreleased material.

Hosting a blog to document his efforts, Sufjan Stevens has been placing several Christmas related tracks online. A cover of Prince's 'Alphabet St.' emerged online over the weekend, displaying an adept interpretation of the Purple One.

Alongside this, Sufjan Stevens revealed that video for 'Justice Delivers Its Gift'. A note from the songwriter explains more:

"Super 8 of my nephew Gavin, age 4, exhibiting immense joy. I shot this a few years ago in HK. Sorry, title card is wrong. Should read “Justice Delivers Its GIFT (not Death, oops!)” by Sufjan Stevens and Johnny Marks ©St. Nicholas Music Inc. No I’m Not Going Crazy for Cocoa Puffs. Peace to the world. XXO, S".

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Check out more Sufjan Stevens' festive fare over at the Asthmatic Kitty SoundCloud page.


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