Feels a bit conflicted...
Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens has penned an open note to fans explaining his feelings after licensing a song to Red Bull.

Sufjan Stevens is an artist who can inspire a rare type of devotion. The American artist continually pushes forward, abandoning his conceptual approach for the sublime Maximalism of 'The Age Of Adz'.

Recently, though, the songwriter's work began appearing on a television advert. Always a contentious issue, Sufjan Stevens licensed 'Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)' to Red Bull for a television slot.

Penning a blog to fans, the artist wrote on his Tumblr about his conflicting feelings - even namechecking The New York Times food critic Mark Bittman, who recently penned a widely dissected opinion piece on whether those in the public eye should support the fizzy drinks industry.

"Selling out never looked so good. But someone had to pay for all that Christmas confetti. Forgive me Mark Bittman. My love yet remains with yia yia + pappou, shining in perpetual light."

Here's the advert itself.


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