Referencing Silence Of The Lamb and Night Of The Living Dead...

Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine have shared two new songs.

The pair have combined on the collaborative album 'A Beginner's Mind', which is set to be released on September 24th.

Two new songs are online, and they match beatific, folk-hewn palettes to lyrics that contain oblique references to classic horror.

'You Give Death A Bad Name' was prompted by Night Of The Living Dead, the seminal tale of a divided American gone to war with itself.

'Cimmerian Shade' meanwhile is sung from the point of view of Buffalo Bill - the warped antagonist of Silence of the Lambs.

Angelo says...

"Many authors have emotional attachments to the characters they create. But in this instance, I was interested in how a character felt about being created. In my imagination I was giving consciousness to someone else’s creation. The song is essentially a dialogue between creation and creator that seeks to find understanding to some of the same questions that we ask ourselves about existence, free will, fate, purpose, guidance, and if anyone or anything out there is listening or cares."

Tune in now.

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