Sufjan Stevens, Angelo De Augustine Announce ‘A Beginner’s Mind’

It's a new collaborative album...

Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine will release collaborative album 'A Beginner's Mind' on September 24th.

The two are old friends, and decamped to upstate New York a few months back, using a friend's cabin for a writing sabbatical.

The pair would find focus, write, and then watch a move to unwind, with this pattern helping to shape their creativity.

New album 'A Beginner's Mind' dates from this period, with each of the 14 songs corresponding to a film.

Each song was constructed in tandem – one would take a verse, the other a chorus – with the results dubbed as “rambling philosophical inquiry”.

From the zen-referencing title to the final results, 'A Beginner's Mind' seems to reach out to more sublime plateaus than its origins would suggest.

New songs 'Reach Out' and 'Olympus' are online now – tune in below.

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