Suede Toast The 30th Anniversary Of Their Debut Album

With a raft of new releases...

Suede have laid out plans for the 30th anniversary celebration of their debut album.

The new project is titled – aptly enough – Suede30, and marks a fresh look at their debut album. A fantastic opening gambit, the self-titled LP was released amid overwhelming hype, selling 100,000 copies in its first week and scooping the Mercury Prize.

30 years on, ‘Suede’ remains a fantastic listen, the sound of two excellent songwriters colliding amid glamour and no small degree of friction. Spruced up alongside original producer and long-time Suede collaborator Ed Buller, there will be a Blu-Ray audio edition centred on a 5.1 mix and Dolby Atmos treatment created by the musician and producer Steven Wilson.

Alongside this, there is a half-speed master edition pressed on 180g black vinyl; a newly mastered 2CD edition complete with B-sides, and a limited edition full album picture disc with newly reimagined bespoke sleeve.

As a separate batch of releases, Suede will issue highly collectable 30th anniversary 7” picture discs of the band’s classic first four singles, ‘The Drowners’ / ‘To The Birds’, ‘Metal Mickey’ / ‘Where The Pigs Don’t Fly’, ‘Animal Nitrate’ / ‘The Big Time’ and ‘So Young’ / ‘High Rising’. Note: the B-sides in this era were, and remain, outstanding.

Suede30 will be matched to live shows and visual aspects, including the overhauled video for killer single ‘Metal Mickey’.

Brett Anderson comments: “It was a genuinely magical time in my life and one for which I’ll always be grateful. It felt incredible being in what I thought was quite probably the most exciting band in the world at the time, making a record which felt like more than just another band making another album.”

Suede co-conspirator Mat Osman comments:

“So, 30 years ago, this is where it all began. A mixture of the live songs that had won us a following and our first experiments in the studio. Listening back now it still has that sense of wildness, and drama, and possibility of those early days. So young and so gone, indeed!”

Check out ‘Metal Mickey’ below.

Suede30 2CD Edition Track List

1. So Young
2. Animal Nitrate
3. She’s Not Dead
4. Moving
5. Pantomime Horse
6. The Drowners
7. Sleeping Pills
8. Breakdown
9. Metal Mickey
10. Animal Lover
11. The Next Life

1. My Insatiable One
2. To The Birds
3. He’s Dead
4. Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
5. Painted People
6. The Big Time
7. High Rising
8. Dolly
9. My Insatiable One [piano version]
10. Brass In Pocket

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