Sudan Archives Shares ‘NBPQ (Topless)’

She says it's "my autobiography..."

Sudan Archives has shared her new song ‘NBPQ (Topless)’.

An artist who seems to approach creativity from a full 360 vantage point, her second album is set to be called ‘Natural Brown Prom Queen’. The record is out this summer, and it follows her ode to Black hair ‘Selfish Soul’ and ‘Home Maker’s celebration of simple domesticity.

A near-title track, ‘NBPQ (Topless)’ is billed by Sudan as “my autobiography” and it finds her speaking her truth in full, frank, and explicit fashion. She talks about wishing she was a childhood pop duo with her twin sister Catherine, and all they wanted to do was “watch Sailor Moon / Smoke weed and stare up at the moon…”

Constructed alongside Simon on the Moon, English artist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and Ben Dickey, ‘NBPQ (Topless)’ is about wishing to live your life without boundaries. Discussing the song, Sudan Archives says it is “about my insecurities that I have being a brown skin Black female in the world and how to navigate through that while facing American beauty standards. It’s a song of redemption and freedom…”

A continual iconoclast, everything from Sudan Archives is worth absorbing.

Tap in below.

Photo Credit: Ally Green

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