Intriguing Plot For New Video

Streets' mainman Mike Skinner has tricked fans after a myspace blog about his house being repossessed was revealed to be a reference to his new video.

The Brummie prankster wrote a blog that described seven burly men knocking down his front door and repossessing his house after the singer had failed to keep up with payments. After being told he had five minutes to pack his belongings and leave, the lyricist was left homeless.

"I ended up on the street with my girlfriend and child. My whole life was forcefully shunted into the back of a van", he wrote.

Shocked fans left messages of support, some offering their flat for temporary accomodation. However, they had obviously not read far enough as at the end of the message Skinner says "you'll get to see the whole video when it drops soon".

Oh dear! The Streets will release new album "Everything Is Borrowed" on September 15th.