Sounds like you-know-who...
Leaving EP

Skrillex has pointed fans towards new free EP 'Leaving' - stream it below.

Skrillex has virtually become a by-word for a certain type of bass music. Picking up on tracks such as 'Chainsaw Calligraphy' the American producer surged towards more extreme ends of the spectrum. Cliff edge drops, insane amounts of sub-bass and beats that verged on heavy metal, Skrillex infuriated purists and delighted crowds at his vast EDM shows.

Now the producer has thrown fans a curveball. New EP 'Leaving' is available via music service The Nest, and contains some rather more subtle moments.

Typically, this left field turn has once again enraged commentators. The title cut is a clear nod towards Burial, containing some of the atmospheric crackles which make the South London producer sound so human.

Here's a statement outlining his motives on the new EP. “This is not about changing the music industry now,” he said. ”It’s about supporting great and forward thinking tools like to connect us on a more personal level. [T]he fact that we have a direct way to give you guys content without any of the red tape that the normal distribution mediums have makes it really easy fun for us and gives us a new platform to be creative and spontaneous.”

More information on The Nest HERE.

Stream 'Leaving' below.


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