New track emerges online

Hot Chip are streaming the video to their brand new track 'Flutes' - watch it now.

A few facts:

- Hot Chip are now signed to Domino
- They have finished their new album
- Said album is named 'In Our Heads'
- It will be released on June 11th

If you pre-order 'In Our Heads' right now by clicking HERE then you will be given 'Flutes' as a free download. As a bonus, Hot Chip have crafted a video for the track which you can watch below.

- - -

A few quotes about the new material, courtesy of Joe Goddard (and an NME interview).

The album will “probably be out around June, but it’s not absolutely decided yet. It basically sounds like Hot Chip, we haven’t done anything particularly weird”.

The album was apparently made on a mixing desk once owned by Conny Plank - a German producer who worked with Kraftwerk, Neu and more. “The guy we’ve been working with shipped it over from Germany, where it was rotting, didn’t work at all. He spent £10, 000 doing it up and we recorded it on that desk" he said.

“It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what brought everything together for this new record. It’s a continuation of our love affair with different kinds of dance music.”

'In Our Heads' will be released on June 11th.

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