Introducing... Parlez Parlez

Newly minted London label Parlez Parlez are to introduce themselves with a one off single pitting George Maple, Kilo Kish and Kwes against one another.

In a way, it's a wonder that George Maple, Kilo Kish and Kwes haven't crossed paths before. All three are keen on collaboration, with George Maple's work with Chet Faker standing out amidst a myriad of releases.

Kwes, of course, has his ongoing Kewachu project with Mica Levi, while Kilo Kish have found their production styles in near continual demand.

So to inaugurate their new project, freshly founded London label Parlez Parlez have gathered all three together. George Maple, Kilo Kish and Kwes have teamed up to record 'Gripp' - a brand new single, with a stunning, immediate feel.

The production is slowed down, fugged up with George Maple at her most vulnerable as she purrs: "I'm ashamed to admit it..."

Listen to it below.

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