Strange Ranger Launch New Album ‘Pure Music’

It's out on July 21st...

Strange Ranger will release new album ‘Pure Music’ on July 21st.

The New York via Philadelphia group have lined up with venerable independent Fire Talk for the release, which follows their acclaimed 2021 mixtape ‘No Light In Heaven’. It’s been four years since ‘Remembering The Rockets’, and the band have evolved into something potent, distinctive.

Out on July 21st, ‘Pure Music’ melds together everything from shoegaze and dream pop to disco and house, a wide open palette that thrives on asking questions of its makers, and their audience.

New song ‘She’s On Fire’ epitomises this, a kind of askew pop song held together by surging ambition and a desire to connect. The band’s Isaac Eiger comments…

“When you’re young, it feels like life has a kind of arc to it and up ahead in the future, there’s some point where all your experiences converge and this fog of confusion will lift and you will have arrived…”

“This is definitely not true and increasingly, music is the steadying hand I lean on when looking for meaning. It provides a spiritualism that feels absent from much of life and I want to be as close to that feeling as possible.” 

Tune in now.


1. Rain So Hard
2. She’s on Fire
3. Dream
4. Way Out
5. Blue Shade
6. Blush
7. Wide Awake
8. Ask Me About My Love Life
9. Fantasy 
10. Dazed in the Shallows

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