Stormzy Speaks At Chris Kaba Protest

"I just encourage everyone, at whatever capacity, do whatever you can do to help..."

Stormzy spoke at a Chris Kaba protest over the weekend.

Chris Kaba was a 24 year old man from South London, who was also a member of rap group 67. The sprawling membership helped propel UK drill, with other notable members including LD, Dopesmoke, ASAP, and more.

During a police operation earlier this month, Chris Kaba was chased by multiple cars. His vehicle was chased into narrow residential street Kirkstall Gardens, blocked in by two police cars, and one round was fired from a police weapon.

Despite first aid at the scene, Chris Kaba was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.

The Met Police have launched an inquiry into the death of Chris Kaba, with a protest organised on Saturday (September 12th) to show support for his family, and to raise awareness of the case.

Wretch 32 took part in the march, while Stormzy chose to speak to the assembled crowd. The BRIT winner spoke from the heart, commenting: “I was very hesitant to come up here because I know, a lot of the time, even with my name, they try and turn it into this other thing and use my name to try and make it about me, but it’s nothing about me.”

“It’s about us, it’s about the family, it’s about everyone grieving. Chris has a mother, he has a family, he has brothers, he has friends, people who knew him their whole life, for them this is unbearable.”

Continuing, Stormzy said: “Someone said before I got up here something that I want to reiterate, everyone here today, I just encourage everyone to have stamina. I know it’s a very difficult thing to say because no one should have the stamina to go on a journey like this to get justice or to get answers but, when these people do these things, they get away with it.”

“What happens is, we do this once and we get tired. We tweet and we get tired. We do it for a week, we do it for two weeks, we do it for a month, and they know we get tired.”

“I just encourage everyone, at whatever capacity, do whatever you can do to help. But also, have the stamina to keep going because they have killed someone, that’s murder. Just keep going, because the family needs you.”

Stormzy closed by reminding the audience to support one another and love one another.

Watch the video below.

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