Check out the new deviancy fuelled video...

STITCH know how to party hard, but they also know their restraints.

Sure, the trio can push it - we all can, now and again - but they also know when to rein it in, to focus on something else.

Most of the time, that something else is music. Working from their West London base, STITCH construct intriguing alt-pop hymns, with a highly literate feel.

New single 'Champagne' is out now, and it's a delicious return, with a side order of deviancy. STITCH explain:

“Everyone knows someone or has been that person who does something they shouldn’t at a party or event, and immediately blames it on the booze. It's often just an attempt to shift responsibility, and eventually people call them/you out for having had at least some awareness of what was going on. Temptation is a key theme, and affects everyone under the influence, whether you’re a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ person.”

We're able to share the video, and it takes the lyrics at face value - meaning it's not 100% safe for work. They continue:

“Some of the scenes in the 'Champagne' video are quite explicit. Although we don’t actively celebrate this behaviour, we felt it was important to illustrate the meaning behind the song”.

‘Champagne’ itself acts as a substitute for any old substance that we use and abuse to hide our true motives!”

Tune in now.

Catch STITCH at Hoxton Underbelly, London on March 30th.

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