Crunching indie rock with shoegaze tones...

Dutch group Stillwave have always wanted to do something different.

The band's first ever show back in 2012 took place in the lobby of an arthouse cinema, starting a meandering, and deeply individual journey.

Imagine the crunching shoegaze swirl of My Bloody Valentine crossed with The National's epic songwriting, allowing the group space to find their own sound.

New single 'Cradle' is incoming, and it's yet another about-turn from a band who tend to specialise in the unexpected.

Fuelled by Kanye's 'Yeezus' and elements of Slowdive, it's an enthralling document with a cinematic stretch. Marcel Jongejan: “For us, it encompasses our journey until that point and the excitement and trepidation for the recording process that awaited us. It's the song where we look back at all that we did that made us into the band we are, with the knowledge that we can never recreate our past selves.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Harold van de Kamp

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