Stage Of The Arts

London / Paris Gallery Team Up

Stage of The Art is set to announce an exciting new concert series which sees two of Europes leading galleries combine resources.

The ICA in London and the Palais De Tokyo in Paris will team up to showcase the best in British and French talent. The ICA London events launch with a special performance by the modern genius of French electronica Sebastian Tellier, with hot new French electronic act Poney Poney playing support, whilst the Palais De Tokyo event will feature Dirty Pretty Things.

In addition to these musical coups, the galleries will also feature a number of installations by some of the best young artists working in the two nations.

The important dates to remember are:

February 21st – Sebastian Tellier, ICA, London
February 22nd – Dirty Pretty Things, Palais De Tokyo, Paris

The installations run from the following dates:

April 25th – 22nd June: ICA London
February 14th – May 4th: Palais De Tokyo

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