It could arrive next year...
St. Vincent

St. Vincent has offered fans an update on her new album.

Annie Clark gives an extensive interview to Guitar World this month, discussing her future plans and possible new album.

The full length could arrive as early as Spring, and represents a "sea change" within her sound.

“I’ve been able to step back and reflect and not just be in the tour, record, tour, record cycle that I’ve been in for about 10 years. I think it’ll be the deepest, boldest work I’ve ever done,” Clark said.

St. Vincent continued: “I feel the playing field is really open for creative people to do whatever you want, and that risk will be rewarded—especially now that we have such high stakes from a political and geo-political standpoint. The personal is political and therefore the political can’t help but influence the art. And only music that has something pretty real to say is gonna cut the mustard.”

Also news-worthy: Annie Clark subverts the often sexist imagery used by guitar magazines in her cover shoot.

Offering a tongue-in-cheek “absurdist comment” she wears a t-shirt etched with a bikini...

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