Three track document due on Monday (March 11th)

Squarepusher is set to release new EP 'Enstrobia' on March 11th.

One of the finest bass players on the planet, Tom Jenkinson has spent the past five years focussing on analogue instrumentation. Drifting further afield from electronic music, last year's full length 'Ufabulum' saw the producer re-assert his roots in fine style.

A return to 'pure' electronics, the album was accompanied by a specular audio-visual show. With Squarepusher set to perform 'Ufabulum Live' at the Roundhouse on March 30th, the producer has decided to unveil a new EP.

'Enstrobia' will be released on Monday (March 11th) and contains three previously unreleased tracks. “The Ufabulum live show has been constantly developing over the last year of touring – including using parts of Enstrobia at specific events" Jenkinson reflected recently. "Although not originally part of the project, these pieces seem very integrated with it now and have triggered a lot of interest from fans who hadn’t heard them before.”

Try out 'Angel Integer' below.

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Squarepusher is set to play the following show:

30 London Roundhouse

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