Sprints Call Out Sexual Assault At Their Shows

"We will not be stand for it and we will not be silent about it..."

Irish band Sprints have called out behaviour at their shows after singer Karla Chubb was sexually assaulted.

The band’s excellent debut album ‘Letter To Self’ was released earlier this year, earning overwhelming acclaim. CLASH reviewer Julia Mason swooned:

With ‘Letter To Self’ Sprints have produced an album brutally honest and personal. They have not been afraid to express the feeling of being an outsider, of looking for validation, of attempting to overcome self-doubt. The human condition and thus society is complex and difficult to navigate but Sprints have not been afraid to express uncertainty and vulnerability. And all the while they have enveloped these themes in the most glorious noise for us all to find comfort and lose ourselves in.

Hitting the road, Sprints have played a series of sold out shows across the country – but they’ve been moved to call out the behaviour of certain sections of the crowd.

In the note, the band explain that singer Karla Chubb has been sexually assaulted twice during their performances. Calling it “abhorrent” and “disgusting” the group add: “We will not be stand for it and we will not be silent about it…”

“Female performers should be able to engage with their audience, step off the stage or perform without fear of groping, unwanted touching, cat-calling and harassment. The fact that this is still an everyday occurrence for most women is beyond reprehensible.”

“To those who noticed and called out the behaviour yesterday, thank you. To those of you responsible for this behaviour, shame on you. Do better.”

Read the statement below.

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