spill tab’s ‘KLEPTO’ EP Is Marked By Maturity

"I feel like I’ve grown more comfortable in my skin..."

spill tab has shared her new ‘KLEPTO’ EP in full.

It’s been a huge 12 months for the songwriter and producer, who recently toured alongside Sabrina Carpenter on her massive Stateside shows. Recently sparring with close friend Mac Wetha on ‘Play Pretend’, she also scored a bona fide hit alongside Matilda Mann.

Finessing her craft, spill tab has been building towards her latest project for some time. Out now, ‘KLEPTO’ is undeniably broad, held together by spill tab’s precocious nature, and her infectious word play.

Final single ‘fetišh’ is out now, the focus track for the EP as a whole. spill tab explains…

“I think ‘fetišh’ is a great intro into the tiny world of this EP. This song is so unapologetic and confident and it’s these things that I feel like I’m most often not, but I want to be. It’s this sort of make believe conversation with someone that’s being delivered in a very dom, assertive way that I fantasise I could one day authentically pull off. In reality it’s a terrifying thing to ask of someone to welcome every part of you, but this song is sort of a brave fantasy of not caring about how I’m received by someone whose perspective I care a lot about.”  

The full EP is out now for fans to explore, with spill tab saying of the project:

“The songs on the EP span across almost two years – I feel like I’ve grown more comfortable in my skin and a lot as a producer during this time too, which is also a testament to the support and help of my friends and collaborators. I made a lot of these songs during a time in my life where so much was changing, and with a lot of good evolution also came self doubt, imposter syndrome and loneliness. The lyrics talk about fantasies and hidden feelings and private thoughts. I’ve found that channelling this inner dialogue through alter egos in my music makes them more accessible to me in real life. In these sorts of songs I write up versions of myself I wish I could be, it might be my attempt at writing myself into something new.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jade Sadler

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