And the animated video is a corker...

Belgian-American musician Speelburg is searching after something unique.

Trodden down paths hold no interest for him - this is all about unexplored territory, fresh vistas to nail down and survey.

New project 'Character Actor' arrives on April 5th, a collection of other-worldly, startlingly unique electro-pop vignettes.

Take new single 'Headlights'. An electro-pop squelcher that sits somewhere between L.A. Priest and Metronomy, it's both arresting and completely surreal, occuping its own plane.

He explains: "'Headlights' was co-produced with my long-time buddy and collaborator Laurie James Ross. His talent knows no bounds. We originally tried to write something completely different. At the end of a session which had gone in a very weird and very different direction, and with maybe 10 minutes to go, we started messing around with recording single voice notes through his OP-1. I think we kinda knew from those first 10 minutes we had something cool." 

"We recorded some live drums then added that bassline. That’s my favorite bassline on this album. It’s a real cool thing when you can get the bass to be one of the main hooks in your track."  

It's not all frisky and fun, though. 'Headlights' is about embracing the new, pushing yourself to accept fresh challenges.

He continues: "Lyrically, It’s a song about going somewhere completely new and alien and throwing yourself into it. Sink or swim, just figure it out. It’s about not being able to stay put and always finding a million reasons to be busy. We went to the moon 50 years ago. That was a big deal.  I really hope that in 50 years, future generations look back on the release of this single with the same reverence."

Tune in now.

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