Spanish Producer Nau Leone Shares ‘Nº1 Cambio’

"Change is the centre of our lives. Life is a constant change..."

Madrid talent Nau Leone fell in love with club culture at a young age. Diving into production, he uncovered this wide open plain, exposing expanse after expanse of untouched material.

Since then, it’s been all systems go. An artist with remarkable originality, Nau Leone blends electronic textures with organic elements, resulting in a unique and evocative sound.

New single ‘Nº1 Cambio’ is out now, a deft return that utilises majestic use of space. Nau Leone eases himself into a fresh era, using music as his constant companion. As he puts it:

“The music comes and goes. The music accompanies. But it is in the moments when we feel most vulnerable that it penetrates us the deepest. Music moves us. It is who we are. We couldn’t be without music. Change is the centre of our lives. Life is a constant change.”

The video is out now, and traces early childhood, charting a path of emotional and intellectual development. Directors Bárbara Fdez and Leilah Pérez reveal their thinking behind the video: “We wanted to show the life of a child until his maturity in four minutes. We have been inspired by the daily decisions without apparent importance, but we still don’t know the reason for our final choices. Is it destiny? Is it us? Why do we choose one thing above others? Through the image we have sought to create a dark and invisible world to the eyes of the rest.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Miriam Cuesta (@miriamcuestaphoto)

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