Sophie Little Blasts BBC Regional Cuts In Final Show

But it was cut from broadcast...

Broadcaster Sophie Little blasted the raft of BBC regional cuts in her final show on BBC Radio Norfolk.

The host decided to stand up for her beliefs on her final show, opening up about her feelings on the swinging cuts impacting on the BBC’s regional output. Opening the final Treasure Quest show – the climactic episode of its 15 year run – Sophie Little decided to make her voice heard.

She said: “Something that has always bothered me is when an individual has any kind of platform and they don’t use it to speak up for others at a time when they should.”

“And it is my opinion that these drastic, sweeping cuts that are taking place to BBC local radio stations all across the country are not only detrimental to anyone that enjoys switching on their local station and hearing their favourite shows, and detrimental to the local communities who value it and use it.”

The host continued:

“Actually these cuts are unbelievably unfair to those who need local public service broadcasting the most. Those who are lonely and isolated, or those who are unable to leave their house, or unable to use the internet, or unable to pay for broadband. Those who not only take comfort from the company of a familiar voice coming out of their radio, but who truly rely on it to keep going.”

“And if you think that sounds dramatic then I wish you could be privy to some of the conversations I’ve had with listeners in recent weeks that have reduced me to tears.”

Finishing, Sophie Little reaffirmed her belief that the broadcaster should be held to account – if only for its own good. “It exists to serve you, and so it must be scrutinised and held to account to protect its own integrity.”

Cut from broadcast, you can check it out below.

It’s a brave move, and the conversation has wider implications – proposed cuts to The BBC Introducing service sparked widespread concern in the music industry.

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