And the punchline is...

An entity in thrall to sickly sweet pop, PC Music has yet to score a bona fide hit of its own.

'Yet' being the appropriate word. According to a new interview with Diplo, PC Music producer SOPHIE is contributing to a new track which also features Diplo and Nicki Minaj.

Diplo is, of course, a huge fan of the PC Music artist and turned in an as-yet-unreleased remix for ever-controversial 'Hey QT!' earlier this year.

So here's the quote from that inthemix interview: "You’d be surprised… me and SOPHIE did a bunch of stuff together. We’re going to be releasing it. I did a record that was literally SOPHIE and Madonna and Nicki Minaj."

Intriguing times.

Check out 'Lemonade' below.

Hat tip to FACT for the spot.

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